Walk to the ledge
   feel the space

wonder how the speed feels
  you know there is no winner in the race

it's not about the moment
  it's about the end

faster now, bang.

                                                      by RSM 5/10/2017


I'll sneak a little tickle
then get myself a hug

and if you smile
it'll turn into a giggle

which is a laugh
that makes your belly wiggle

then I'll steal myself a smooch
and sneak my second tickle

just to watch your belly wiggle
while all the while I giggle

                                                   by RSM 1/10/2016


its been years since i've written words of count
dead i guess, even with a pulse

just no thoughts, no caring
well not really no caring

just not really living much
everything today the same as last

the path has stilled
no tears no nothing

gotta find my to way
gotta start the search

                                                   by RSM 1/10/2016


i sit awaiting death
it's funny

i know it's comming soon compared to universal time
how long is twenty years

like a bully in the yard at three
i can feel the tears

no hope no nothing except i laugh
the realization of the moment stuns me

i know i was there before but don't remember
i know i am going there again

don't know why
don't know why i go
don't know why i am here at all

                                       by RSM 2/18/2018


i have seen my reflection a thousand thousand times
i still wonder who i am

i have never seen anyone i know
i only see someone, young now old

at what point in a life does one know the reflection
i ask it questions and it answers

i don't understand either
i only know i ask

i wonder if understanding ever comes

                                              by RSM 2/25/2020


not a poem

matter and anti-matter dissolved into both the physical universe and the creation of dark matter,
which then dissolved over time into dark energy and once enough dark energy had built up it caused
the effect of comsic inflation and continues to cause spacetime to move into a faster expanding volume.

by RSM


coke in bottles
jellies in jars
a face like yours
must come from Mars

(john lithgow, age 9)


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